Film Lab Services

With a history spanning more than three decades, Prasad Film Lab offers clean, fast color negative processing for 16mm, Super 16mm, 35mm and Super 35. At the heart of our operation are Bell & Howell modular printing machines fitted with digital sound head capable of handling Dolby SR, SRD, DTS, SDDS and other optical stereo formats release prints. We have Duncan Calder ECN processing machine and a battery of ECP machines of the same make, speeds exceeding 150fpm. We also have a dedicated filmlab ECP machine for doing special works and Lipsner Smith ultrasonic cleaner CF - 3000 model MK VI.

We have a full fledged chemical analytical lab and quality control department, Optical department equipped with Oxberry/ACME optical printers and Optical Sound Transfer department equipped for transferring stereo surround sound formats including Dolby SR, Dolby SRD, Ultra Stereo, DTS besides mono tranfers for 35MM & 16mm film formats.

Whether you require fast dailies turn around, release printing or classic feature film restoration, Prasad Film Laboratories are equipped to provide you with unsurpassed quality and service that your project deserves. Download Brochure